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Birthdate:Aug 4
Location:Texas, United States of America

As my journal name indicates I am an archivist, though I am also in charge of the library in the small accredited art museum where I work. I'm a native of Illinois, but have been living for over two years now in the state of Texas. Horseback riding is a life long desire that I am finally able to practice on a (mostly) regular basis.

My feline companion count comes to two - though it might go up to four or five if you include the ferals I feed outside. Binx and Cairo are my two kitty girls, and though they look similar they are not in fact sisters - something everyone seems to think when they first see them. I'm still somewhat mourning the loss of my first cat Zelda, a shy but beautiful feline who unfortunately had to be put down due to the feluk virus. (Zelda and Binx are pictured above.)

I started out on LiveJournal years back and have flitted back and forth between other journal sites since. LJ is still my main base of operations, but I hope to someday soon upload and import every entry I've ever written into this DW journal. I hope to use it as my main base from now on, and to make more of an effort to keep things updated than I was before.

I know that many people use online journals as fandom connections; to participate in discussions, read essays, or join RPGs. Indeed, those were the primary reasons I got my first personal journal. However, for me this is no longer the case. Probably someday in the future I'll get hit over the head with some book/show/movie/game and get sucked right back into it, but for now I no longer consider myself a member of any particular fandom group.

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